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So, we are a punk band: believing that the purpose of any such aesthetic is inherently within informed protest, and evoking new forms of articulating social and political critique.

Shining Sword is the product of 4 years songwriting, editing and cabin-fever-worry and I am most grateful for all those that endured: David Walsh created art for the album before I fucked up the liner notes, David Morris promoted it, printed it, folded it, stuck it together and afforded me many concerts. I cannot express my gratitude enough.

This album was performed by the Airstrip One Live Reserve Battery, a rotating cast of extremely talented musicians and myself.



released February 1, 2007

Record by Oh Dear Airstrip One



all rights reserved


Oh Dear Airstrip One UK






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Track Name: Eyes in the Sky
And waking to a scene from a film about war
Where nothing is the same as before,
And no-one seems to care that
They have put eyes in the sky and tapes underground!
But we still have each other for now

Do we need you filming the saddest of beginnings to keep us safe?

An airstrip born,
A conscience torn,
And fallen leaves do not believe.
Track Name: Small Steps
I can't see in that picture
It lives on an isle outside
Believe them that nothing is ours?
Convincing that this wonder could be ours.

Brothers alone in they rooms
Love is wasting away.

My friends and lovers!
Enemies and brothers!
Are you corrupting and defeatist?
Archetypal narratives?

Brothers alone in they rooms
And love seems to be wasting away

But I just want to see you smile!
If only for a little while!
Track Name: Shining Sword
I wish I had a shining sword of light and love, I'd use it when I needed to for putting right, giving hope and ending tears. My shining sword would clear the mist and reconcile this bitter air, and bring their planes out of the sky and do no harm, my shining sword.
Track Name: tANKS@tHEaIRpORT
There's no reason for tanks at the airport
And no sense in sandbags and supplies
And if Orwell were here he'd be laughing
And eating American Pie

My friends all got nervous and worried!
My mom got indignant and scared!
We learned how to smile in spite of the sirens that signalled our loss
Oh! But baby, my darling love!
We have never been so lost.
Track Name: 33
And in the biting cold's futility,
Our bleeding hearts did carve a tragedy
Of buried arms from the factory,
Broken ministers surrounding me.

We took our feet away, retook our minds and left this place.
Every syllable did bear the weight of how we fell into corruption.

"No-one is alone
No-one needs to fear anymore
No-one is the biting cold
No-one is a forgotten soul"

They found our face and tapped our phone!
We knew, we knew, we knew
The happiest person reading the news whispers
"It's alright"
33, they'll have it out of me!
33 reporters hounding me

They took enough today, retook your love and flew away
And every night I'd sing this lullaby of how we slept through our elation
Track Name: Burning Fields
Burning fields of hope and memory
Crimson skies in January
American planes in computer games
Storm the city in the night!
String us up to die!
War is peace in our profession
Pins and needles in my leg, don't go away

Ariel Sharon built a house in your garden,
Ran over your cat just to see it die,
Tempted away your lover and got your kids into crack...

Wants Iran bombed?

We will not give up so easily!
We'll form a blockade on our land!
Refuse to fuck over our brothers and sisters!
Not bury our heads in the sand!