The Christmas EP 2007

by Rima Ymadha / LUKE FOXTROT

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Equipment used in the making of this record:

Toshiba satellite a30 laptop
Digidesign mbox
Yamaha mg 10/2 mixer
Aesis ra50 power amp
Alesis monitor one mk2 speakers
Sennheiser hd25 headphones
Wem control er30 valve guitar amplifier
Marshall jcm 900 2x12" speaker cabinet
Akg c2000b condenser microphone
Micro Korg analogue modelling synthesiser
Korg ms-10 analogue synthesiser
Axl telecaster copy guitar
Vintage jazz bass copy
Pro-co brat and pro-co rat distortion pedals
Digitech digiverb reverb pedal
Danelectro pb&j mini-delay pedal

Software used:

Steinberg cubase sx 2.2
Propellerhead reason 2.5
Steinberg wavelab 5
Waves platinum bundle
Arcanedevice et-200

Written, recorded & mixed:

Tuesday 4th December - evening
Wednesday 5th December - all day
Thursday 6th December - morning/afternoon
Saturday 8th December - afternoon
Sunday 9th December - evening
Monday 10th December - evening
Friday 14th December - evening
Saturday 15th December - morning

Amir worked odd hours during this recording.
Luke worked full-time.
Our budget was spent on coffee, tea, cigarettes, pizza and biscuits


released December 15, 2007




all rights reserved


Oh Dear Airstrip One UK






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Track Name: Classical Communion
It's here again
A bit uncalled for but everyone colludes
Get what you want
Get what you asked for
There's so much left to do

Nothing left to ask for
We have got it all
So what are you gonna do kid?
Throw snowflakes at it all

Be a star and shine forever
Lead wiser men astray
Quiet your need for needing others
Give yourself away

Not much left to ask for
So fork out for your love
Working so you forget
What you're thinking of
Quiet while the prayers are read
To those unworthy of

No classical communion here
We have got it all
Track Name: Christmas Tree
Don't be so quick to engage in salutations
They said not to ever come back
To run off with the pack
But it's never going to work

All the wrapping is so tiring
So all consuming, so unimproving
They said hang it by the altar
Call it whatever you want to
Jesus coming back?
It's never going to work

Throw the drinks back, empty liquor bottles and sin
Dress in season, torn between the acrid seams
Uncover what's been always covered up
All messed up
Different rivers bleed into an overpriced and swollen sea
Cast your dreams like tiny useless gifts
Thrown about carelessly
Me and this tragic excuse for a christmas tree.
Track Name: The Bias That Excludes
I miss you when you're gone
teaching English in saigon
So a festive singalong is all I'm left with

Turn those shopping street lights on
Let the people spend a bomb
on whatever seems endorsed by Disney

What you're doing isn't wrong
It's that you all run along
With the bias that excludes good thinking

Christmas occupies my heart
And has drawn it's constitution
Which fails to represent my wishes

Turn on hipocrisyismas
Sleep through another existence
Celebrate the lizard
Wealth and poverty

And all bad news disappears
As if it were never there
As if it did not concern you

It's tempting to betray
Those three words i sent your way
But to act without restraint would be regrettable

Could I be much better off
Without a wife or house or job?
Is this not the hidden tale of Christmas?

Sleep through another's life
Unwrap gifts tonight
Hope for what you know is yours
Dying on a weightful pause
Mugged by homeless Santa Claus
But saved by consumerist laws.
Track Name: Festive Facade
Coming together in times like these
Doesn't it feel a little forced?
If we cared we'd laugh and speak and dance and see lots of each other
Not just at christmas time with secret gifts wrapped up
And mistletoe encouraging your lips to meet up with mine.
Burn all your bibles!
Those nativity songs!
They're doing us harm in the long run!
Snap all your credit cards!
Curse the retailers!
Who continue to do us no favours!
Counting the days til we're back to work
Making sure I spend as much time as I can with my friends
Track Name: Treasure Hunting
Count the memories, take stock
We're coming to the ditch of winter
Beat the rush, stay on top
Your children's lives depend on your shop
Future working classes -
They want your gifts but need their families
So don't worry and don't spend
Your dream could be your own, let's rally

Jokes aside I would like a new banal movie to keep
Shiny book by a Z-list who's got no more guile than me
Hi-tech toys for a ransom that'll halve in cost next year
I'm just stuck in the hope that she might want to let me in

If I asked and you held me
There'd be no need for treasure hunting
So precious but so risky
I'll play it safe and hit the party
Where tongues twist and thighs burn
Pass round the wine and make me holy
But I'm full of distance, in case you wake up and you notice

I'm in magic condition and our escapades are grand
My list goes out the window when you look at me like that
I could mail myself to you in a bright red christmas sack
Open up and you'll find me on a bed of bubble wrap.